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Parent Mediation Dudley

Family mediation Service is a procedure in which an independent, expertly experienced mediator helps you work out arrangements for finances and kids following splitting up. Mediation can likewise be practical when plans you’ve made before requirement to change, especially as your youngsters mature. Mediation assists you stay in control. No-one will certainly make you do anything versus your wishes.

Mediation Service in Hull

London based Mediation Service with over 20 years' experience of Family Mediation, help resolve family disputes, conflict, divorce mediation services. Please click here to learn more

New Hampshire Attorney Provides Compassionate Counsel for Family Law and Estate Planning

Established Goffstown lawyer assists with divorce, mediation and wills

Whether you’re ending a marriage or looking to establish a successful estate plan, an experienced and caring attorney can achieve the resolution you seek. At Gosling Law and Mediation Center in Goffstown, attorney Tammy Gosling has provided skillful legal representation and mediation services to New Hampshire residents for more than two decades, assisting clients with a wide range of family law and estate planning concerns. Since 2000, she has been certified as a family mediator, handling hundreds of cases both within and outside of the court system. If you are looking for professional divorce representation, help preparing a will, or assistance from a qualified neutral mediator to work out domestic issues, our firm can guide you to a successful outcome.


Aspire family Mediation service as our primary partner is a UK based Mediation Service Solution with over 20 years' experience of Family Mediation, help resolve family disputes, conflict, divorce mediation services.

Experienced firm helps to resolve household and financial challenges

Whether you are seeking a mediator, an adviser or an advocate, you can rely on our firm to provide:

  • High-level experience — Attorney Tammy Gosling has represented clients in highly contested matrimonial litigation and complex trusts and estates matters for more than two decades.
  • Personalized service — Family issues cannot be handled effectively without a detailed understanding of the people and issues involved. We provide personal attention, compassionate counsel and comprehensive support from start to finish.
  • Solutions tailored to your needs — We offer clients unbundled services in family law: while our attorney handles parts of your case, you can choose to save money by completing certain tasks yourself.

From our firm’s founding in 1993, we have found unique answers for the challenges facing divorcing spouses, parents involved in custody disputes, and clients looking to create wills, trusts or guardianships in New Hampshire. We look forward to discussing how we can help you.

Knowledgeable counselor determined to help families thrive

Our firm handles various legal tasks for New Hampshire clients, including matters relating to:

  • Family law — We look to minimize the stress associated with family law by protecting our clients’ rights and communicating effectively.
  • Divorce — Whether your divorce is bitter or amicable, our firm will deliver comprehensive assistance while resolving issues such as property division, child custody and financial support.
  • Wills and probate — To protect your assets and enforce the wishes of decedents, we provide thorough advice on wills and probate issues.
  • Trusts and estates — Smart planning combined with our strong trusts and estates counsel gives you the best chance to maintain your property and distribute it as you like.
  • Mediation — For 17 years, I have helped families resolve matrimonial and parenting disputes through skillful mediation.

No matter how complex or emotional your situation might be, our knowledgeable, compassionate guidance will help to ease your burden while pursuing the best possible result.

Contact a dedicated New Hampshire family law and estate planning lawyer

Gosling Law and Mediation Center assists New Hampshire clients with family law issues and estate planning concerns. Attorney Tammy Gosling also works as a certified family mediator. Please call 603-384-3001 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our Goffstown office.